The Bash shell is really useful and it is easy to do interesting things . . .

If you have a file with columns separated by spaces and/or tabs you can sort it using

$ sort -k columnfile.txt

To reverse the sort just type 

$ sort -r -k columnfile.txt

If you want to extract columns 3, 5 and 6 you kan use the awk command

$ awk '{print $5, $3, $6 }' columnfile.txt

 . . .  the output will also rearrange the order if you like

You can also use perl to generate bash files that you can run later .  .  .

To remove the first line from a file you use

sed -i 1d columnfile.txt

To replace kr with SEK in the file you would use

sed -i 's/kr/SEK/' columnfile.txt

And to add chr to the beginning of each line use

sed 's/^/chr/' columnfile.txt